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Illinois Home Insurance – What You Need To Know About Home Insurance

Home Insurance is one of the most important services you can ever purchase. By just paying a monthly premium, your home and all contents within it are protected from most disasters.  But what kind of insurance coverages for your home are available?  For those in the market for home insurance, Arial Insurance Group in Chicago, IL has options for the homeowner.

Legal Requirements

If you own your home outright, there are no legal requirements in having home insurance, although it’s strongly suggested that you have it for peace of mind and financial protection.  If you have a mortgage on the home, it’s a requirement of the terms of the mortgage to have the home insured.  This protects your personal items inside the home and it also protects the lender’s collateral during the life of the mortgage.

Insurance Options

Most basic-level home insurance protects the structure (the house itself) and the personal items inside the home to a certain dollar amount.  You can pay a higher monthly premium to have a higher dollar amount coverage limit.  This coverage offers protection against burglaries, damage to the structure (tree falls on the house during a storm, etc.), and fire.  There are also additional coverages that you can get that will protect the property at-large (liability insurance) and flood insurance for flood-prone areas.  

Some insurance policies will also provide displacement coverage in the event of an emergency.  For instance, if you’ve suffered fire damage (a claimable event) to your home and you need to live elsewhere for a time (hotel, house rental for a month, etc.) your insurance will cover the costs for that expenditure.  The insurance company will either set it all up for you ahead of time, or they’ll reimburse what you paid for those services.

More Information

You can learn more about home insurance by contacting Arial Insurance Group in Chicago, IL today!

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