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Do I Need Commercial Insurance for My Company Vehicle?

At Arial Insurance Group serving the Chicago, IL metroplex, we like to make sure that our clients have the right type of coverage to protect their businesses and vehicles. While some folks may think that a regular auto insurance policy is enough to cover their company car, they may be surprised to find out that a commercial insurance policy is probably a more appropriate choice.

If you’re confused about what type of insurance you should use to cover your company vehicle, our team of insurance professionals is happy to walk you through the process of protecting your vehicle if you live in Chicago or one of the other areas we serve.

Do I Need Commercial Insurance for My Company Vehicle?

As a new company, figuring out the right kinds of insurance policies to protect your business’ equipment can be a daunting task. Even if you already have a personal car insurance policy, your current policy probably doesn’t cover a vehicle that’s used for business purposes. If you find yourself delivering items from your business in your car or conducting other commercial activities in it, it’s time to switch to a commercial insurance policy that protects your car to stay covered in the event of an emergency.

Although it might not seem like a big deal now, having the wrong auto insurance for a company vehicle can cost you money and end in harsh consequences down the road. Commercial insurance policies have specific terms that are tailored to the needs of business owners. Your car and your company are valuable enough to deserve coverage that fits the challenges and rewards they face.

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To discover how we can help you protect your business and company vehicles, call Arial Insurance Group in Chicago, IL!

Is Commercial Insurance Necessary for Businesses Without Employees?

Owning a business in Chicago, IL is a big responsibility, and it’s important to make sure you’re properly protected. One of the most common questions asked by entrepreneurs is whether or not they need commercial insurance if they don’t have any employees. Arial Insurance Group is here to assist.

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover? 

Commercial insurance can provide protection for your business in the event of an accident, injury, or lawsuit. It covers things like property damage, medical expenses, and legal fees that are related to your business activities. Depending on what type of policy you get, it may also cover lost income due to a natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances. 

Do You Need Commercial Insurance if You Don’t Have Employees? 

The short answer is yes—even if you don’t have any employees, it’s still wise to invest in commercial insurance. That’s because accidents and lawsuits can happen at any time, regardless of the size of your business. If something were to happen while you were conducting business operations, you could be held liable for damages or injuries that occur as a result.

Additionally, some clients may require that you carry commercial insurance before signing a contract with you. This is especially true for larger companies that want to protect their own interests against potential legal issues related to working with vendors who do not have the proper coverage in place.

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Even if you don’t have any employees or do not plan on hiring any in the near future, investing in commercial insurance is still important in Chicago, IL. It can provide financial protection in the event of an accident or lawsuit while also helping businesses compete for larger contracts. For more details, contact Arial Insurance Group.

Why should I buy a business owner’s policy (BOP)?

Starting a business in Chicago, IL requires intricate planning, but Arial Insurance Group can help with one of the most important steps – your commercial insurance. Most businesses start with a business owners’ policy (BOP).

Why start with a BOP?

 As its name suggests, a business owner’s policy provides serious protection for your business. It combines the coverage of four separate policies under one insurance policy and reduces the price of the premium in the process.

These four coverages provide the foundation of the coverage needed for any non-home-based business. The BOP includes coverage for:

  • Property damage,
  • Business interruption,
  • General liability,
  • Coverage for third-party items in storage.

You Can Add to the BOP

The BOP forms a foundation that the business owner can add to for a custom policy. If your storefront includes plate glass windows, you’d add glass insurance. If your business delivers orders by car or freight using its own fleet, you’d add commercial auto insurance and inland marine insurance. These examples only name a few possibilities.

More than 20 types of commercial insurance policies exist. Your business won’t need each one. Most businesses only need to add two or three other coverages to a BOP. A dentist, chiropractor, or physician would add malpractice insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. The latter would cover their office staff.

How do you know which policies you need?

You meet with Arial Insurance Group of Chicago, IL to determine which policies your business requires. We ask a set of questions that helps us determine which policies best suit your business which will differ from those of the business next door. The only commonalities might be the BOP and glass insurance.

Types of Commercial Insurance

The Arial Insurance Group serving Chicago, IL would like you to know about your commercial insurance options. Commercial insurance is insurance for business and business owners. One of the greatest benefits of this kind of insurance is peace of mind knowing your assets and livelihood are protected.

Several types of commercial insurance are available to business owners, and you should review your insurance policies annually.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is designed to protect your assets, including physical structures, inventory, machinery, and equipment. Correct valuations are essential for insuring your physical assets adequately, and commercial insurance of any sort needs to be tailored to your requirements.

A particular subdivision of commercial property insurance is protection against theft and vandalism, and another category is commercial auto insurance.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance is for when your business is interrupted to such an extent that it is adversely affected. Please review what is covered and not covered when purchasing this type of insurance.

Liability Insurance

Commercial liability insurance is there to protect you from legal liability if someone uses your product and is harmed, or someone is injured on your property or by your machinery accidentally. General liability insurance is the most common type available.


A business owner’s policy (BOP) combines general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. This type of policy is often suitable for small business owners.

Workmen’s Compensation

Workmen’s compensation insurance is legally required and provides financial cover for employees who become injured, disabled or diseased because of their employment. The business owner takes out the insurance, and the business pays for it.

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With so many options available, speak to the experienced consultants at Arial Insurance Group serving Chicago, IL, about your commercial insurance needs today.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Insurance?

Pause for a moment, and think about all the hard work you have put into your Chicago, IL business. Consider the resources, time, and dedication you have injected into your business to make it successful. It’s significant, right? For these reasons, you need commercial insurance from Arial Insurance Group to safeguard your investment.

Unfortunately, many business owners overlook commercial insurance to save some money. However, this trend can sink your hard-earned venture when the unthinkable strikes. If you have been having second thoughts about business insurance, here are the reasons you need commercial insurance. 

Boosts the credibility of your business

Most clients like dealing with reputable and credible businesses. And one way for confirming your credibility is to check whether you have commercial insurance. Business insurance is evidence that it’s safe to conduct business with you.

Protects your employees

Your employees are the most invaluable assets of your business. For this reason, it makes sense to protect them optimally with commercial insurance. Workers’ comp insurance covers your employees’ medical expenses for illnesses and injuries sustained in the workplace. Besides, this coverage pays for final expenses and partial loss of income where the employee can’t work due to disability.

Protects you against disabilities

If you live in America, you know your business faces litigations right, left, and center. Lawsuits could emanate from disgruntled employees. Besides, you could face legal charges from bodily injury and property damage you cause to third parties. Without liability coverage, you would have to incur out-of-pocket expenses to meet legal costs. 

Protects your assets

Can you imagine the amount of loss you would incur if fire, hail, and other calamities were to strike your business? Starting from your building to assets like computers, furniture, and inventories, not many businesses can survive a significant blow to their assets without commercial insurance. 

Protect your business today!

Would you like to protect your Chicago, IL business with commercial insurance? Please contact Arial Insurance Group for a personalized quote. 

I’m a small business owner. Do I really need commercial insurance?

If you’re a small business owner, you may question whether or not you should invest in commercial insurance. The Arial Insurance Group of Chicago, IL understands that small business owners may not understand commercial insurance’s true benefits. As a result, we’re invested in creating understanding and guiding small business owners in making this choice. 

Commercial Insurance Benefits

You aren’t required by law to carry Public liability insurance. However, it benefits businesses of all sizes, even home-based businesses. This insurance protects you and your employees if something happens to cause harm or damage to third parties as a result of your products or services. This includes bodily injury or property damage. However, you could be penalized if you don’t carry workers’ comp coverage, and one of your employees gets hurt at your place of business. Your workers won’t receive benefits if you don’t invest in public liability insurance. The worker’s compensation board could fine you in your state if you don’t have workers comp for your employees. 

Other Considerations…

It’s safe to say that all businesses can benefit from some form of insurance. The types of coverage needed will vary from business to business. This is primarily because businesses vary in terms of the type of business, sector, industry, and business size. It’s best to work with an insurance agent to create a commercial policy that suits your business’s unique needs. We want to help you get the coverage needed to meet your business’s needs, regardless of the size of your business. Give us a call; we want to help guide your decisions as you look for the best coverage for your small business.

How does commercial insurance protect freelancers?

As more people in Chicago, IL and all over the world turn to freelance, the question of whether they need insurance comes to life. Many people cite flexibility as the main reason they choose the path of freelancing. However, it doesn’t matter whether you conduct your freelance business while on vacation hikes, in the middle of the forest or at the comfort of your bed, you need some form of insurance to protect you and your seamless business. At Arial Insurance Group, we recommend buying professional liability or professional indemnity insurance.

Why do freelancers need insurance?

To protect you from lawsuits

You need some form of insurance as long as you are earning income. It doesn’t matter whether you are operating your business at home or in an office. Freelancing means operating your business remotely without always having to meet your clients. That doesn’t mean that you are exempted from costly liability lawsuits that could wipe out your business and destroy your entire freelancing reputation. If you provide services to your clients, such as offering advice, you will have a peace of mind that comes with a liability coverage

To safeguard your assets

If your freelancing business requires you to use special equipment, you may need to protect them with commercial insurance. If you run a chain of offices or business premises, natural disasters or accidents like fire can cause damages that may cost you millions if you don’t have any business coverage.

It is sometimes a requirement

If you are dealing with clients, you will come across different clients with different needs and different expectations. Some clients may require you to have insurance before assigning you to work to protect both of you. The most common coverage required is a liability.

Working remotely as your own boss feels like a heavenly job. However, it also comes with ist fair share of risks. If you just started your freelancing business speak to any Arial Insurance Group expert to help you find coverage based on what you do. Call or visit our Chicago, IL offices today!


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